Magnetar UDP900 versus UDP800

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Magnetar UDP900 versus UDP800

What are the differences between the UDP800 and the successor to the Magnetar Blu-ray player series, the UDP900?

In a nutshell, the UDP900 has more to offer than the UDP800. Such as an additional analog RCA audio decoder with 7.1 support. In addition, the UDP900 also has a USB DAC for music. And an updated dual power supply specifically designed for the audio part.

The UDP900 is also almost 2x as heavy due to the double-layer alumimium chassis structure. Plus the internal main components are independently shielded by a metal enclosure. This greatly reduces vibration, operational noise and external magnetic field interference.

Although no difference, it is still worth mentioning that both players support the same disc types, file formats and HDR formats, including Dolby Vision and HDR10+.