About us

JVB Digital has offices in the Netherlands and in the United States since 1995 has specialized in the development and worldwide marketing of multipurpose solutions such as region free modifications, audio and SDI boards.

Consumers and dealers in more than 30 countries already have our products in use. Worldwide, thousands of customers use our services. We are proud to have customers like ADam Arena, SBS, FOX, CBS, Boeing, several major universities, companies and (government) institutions among our clientele.

Since the introduction in 2011 of the first OPPO BDP-93 Blu-ray player on the European continent we are the suppliers and distributors and for OPPO Netherlands.

We supply OPPO Blu-ray Disc players, personal audio and recently wireless audio.

We also have the exclusive worldwide sales VanityHD audio boards designed specifically for OPPO Blu-ray players.  

JVB Digital is already more than 26 years for quality but a good shop is characterized by excellent service. With offices on two continents we are almost 24/7 by email or phone