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Below we have listed the frequently asked questions for you. Is your question not here? Then please contact us using the form on the right.

Please note that we are not the customer service for OPPO phones.


In order to provide you with the fastest possible service, we request that you always first consult Contact & Support for (technical) support as listed below.

1.1 Complete VanityPRO FAQ
1.2 Official Audiopraise forum
1.3 Real world questions and reviews about the VanityPRO
2.1 Why Go Dual Subwoofers?

Why Go Dual Subwoofers?

3.1 Is there a new media hub for Zappiti players?

The former Zappiti players and NAS are now supported by R_volutions: R_video. For more details visit the R_volutions website:

R_video is the best entertainment hub on the market and now you can take advantage of it on your Zappiti player. R_video has a modern and fast Media Center user interface to explore your movies and TV shows. The Media Center app analyzes your video files on a local drive connected to your media player or on a NAS over the local network. Then R_video collects the cover art, background and various information such as cast, director, release date, rating, etc. Then all you have to do is sit down with your friends or family in your home theater and easily choose your movie or TV show. Browse a genre. Sort movies by rating, duration or release date. Reading a summary. Playing the trailer. Then press PLAY to enjoy your movie. After the credits roll, wait for the next episode of your TV show to start automatically.

3.2 Is Zappiti Bankrupt?

Last Monday, October 2nd 2023, we received the following sad news from France:

Dear Zappiti customer,

It is with the greatest sadness that I have to announce that Zappiti services will soon be over. Zappiti has unfortunately been liquidated .
We fought since January to keep our "baby" alive, but unfortunately the French Justice Department refused to hear us....and cooperate.
We did everything we could, working without getting paid to keep customers happy while waiting for the Go to continue, but now the Cloud will be shut down before the end of the year.
What does that mean for customers?
Zappiti Video will no longer work for players and NAS. Customers can always create an offline collection to keep working even after the shutdown, but new films will no longer be identified.
Zappiti Explorer will still work and people will still be able to access their movies in their NAS or internal HDD.
NAS owners will still be able to rip and access their files. They will be able to keep their current collection, but without further options for identifying the new Movies on Zappiti video.

Is it really over?
Despite everything, we are working with an external party to find a solution for all Zappiti users.
The plan is to ( soon ) install a new App so that they can continue to enjoy their Zappiti products. There will be a small charge for that App,to cover cloud costs, but at least a solution will be proposed to them.
They will have to create a new account and a new collection, it is unfortunately impossible to retrieve the customer's collection. It will be based on a new cloud.

Repair and services
All players under warranty will be repaired by Groupe Archisoft, the parts will be exchanged for free, but the labour and shipping costs will be borne by the customer. the customer must send their defective equipment themselves to Groupe Archisoft in France.
Players out of warranty will be repaired by Groupe Archisoft at the usual cost.
I will keep you updated on the progress of the App.
I am terribly sorry for this situation that puts us all in a difficult position, but please tell your customers that we are doing our best to find a way for a fair solution.

3.3 Zappiti: After a reset I get an error message 'Unable to proceed with the download of the update'

An error can occur when launching the Zappiti Video and Explorer applications on brand new players or if the user has carried out a factory reset. In this case, please follow the tutorial below:

Click here to see the tutorial...

3.4 Which harddisk should I put in my Zappiti player?

Recommended HDD models for Zappiti DV Series (Neo, Refenrence, Signature)

WD BLUE (up to 6 TB) - Less noisy than bigger drives
WD RED (all models) - Highly recommanded model for high capacity
WD WHITE (All models)
SEAGATE SkyHawk™ (all models but noisy)
SEAGATE SkyHawk AI (all models but noisy)
SEAGATE Exos™ (all models but noisy) > In SATA only (SAS models not compatibles)
SEAGATE IronWolf™ (all models)
SAMSUNG SSD with 2.5'' to 3.5'' adapter (all models)
SEAGATE Archive HDD (all models)

Check also:

4.1 How can I contact JVB Digital OPPOP Store

We can be reached by phone and email. You can reach us by phone at 033-4655366 from Monday to Friday from 10:00 to 19:00. On Saturday you can reach us from 10:00 to 17:00. Of course we can also be reached by e-mail at [email protected] or [email protected]

But please note.....
we do not provide support and are not customer service for OPPO Phones.


4.2 Technical Support

We are committed to providing our customers with technical support as quickly and comprehensively as possible.

Unfortunately, this means we have to limit ourselves to customers who have purchased the product from us.


In order to provide you with quick service, we ask you to state your order number and the telephone number where you can be reached in your e-mail.

If you do not have your order number immediately available, this is not a problem. We will be happy to help you further by telephone and can be reached

We will be happy to assist you by phone and can be reached during our opening hours at 033-4655366.


For products that you did not purchase from us we advise you to contact your dealer.

5.1 What are the shipping costs?

These are listed during the ordering process/checkout.

5.2 When will my order be delivered?

Orders placed on business days before 15:00 are generally shipped the same (business) day and delivered the next business day. No orders will be shipped on weekends. You will receive an email from us with the tracking number as soon as we have your order ready to ship.

6.1 What forms of payment are accepted?

All available options are offered at the checkout and may varie. 

The options below are indicative and may change.

  • Bankoverschrijving
  • iDEAL
  • Mistercash
  • Direct E-banking
  • Klara        
  • Maestro
  • Giropay
  • PayPal ( Max € 500,00  )
  • Mastercard
  • VISA
  • American express
7.1 How do I return a product?

It is possible that you ordered product (s) or part thereof after receipt want to return to us. You may do this within 14 days after receipt of the order.

We apply the following conditions for a return:

Within 14 days after delivery of the order including (copy) invoice.
The product is complete, not used and undamaged.
The product is, if reasonably possible, packed in the original packaging.
The costs for returning the product are for your own account.

In case of visible traces of use, we will give you a partial refund of 75% of the original purchase price. Examples of signs of use: Incomplete and/or without packaging, the product is damaged or dirty.

Click here for more information

7.2 What is the return address?

Products can be shipped (with recommendation insured and) properly packaged box to:

JVB Digital OPPO Store
Maten 51
3831 PJ Leusden 

7.3 When do I get my money back?

Once we have received the return in good order the amount will be refunded to your account within three working days.

8.1 Do I have a warranty on my items at JVB Digital OPPO Store?

Yes, all items purchased from us are covered by the statutory warranty. This means that an item must be in good condition and function properly under normal use. If you receive an article where this is not the case, we will offer an appropriate solution as soon as possible.

8.2 What is the warranty certificate for my item?

Your invoice serves as proof of guarantee. Please keep it in a safe place.