Zappiti Signature Press Reviews and Ratings

Les Années Laser
"great image depth and excellent sharpness"

The Zappiti Reference and Signature have a second bay, benefit from a more solid power supply which limits the electrical pollution of the signal and benefit from a separate audio card equipped with superior ESS converters and XLR outputs for high quality listening. analog stereo. We put the performance of the two players on the same level as our Oppo BDP-103 Audiocom Signature with soft and voluptuous textures, voices that stand out to bring an increased presence and orchestrations that articulate perfectly. The quality of reproduction of the Signature is similar to the Reference, but the latter offers a choice of six working options for the converter, which modify the reproduction of register and dynamics. An attentive ear will be able to make its choice and, perhaps, justify the rather higher price.


Chrisian Muresanu
"the most advanced state-of-the-art player"

Zappiti Signature is: the most advanced state-of-the-art player, incorporating high-end audio and video technology, capable of playing the most advanced coded files, and is enhanced with the most memorable, old days, classic interface which makes things very easy to use. I have 99% pros and 1% cons for it, which means that a very tiny detail from zooming in/out is that on the custom zoom menu, the shifting up and down is not working because RTD1619DR cannot zoom the picture incrementally. For everything else, no complaints at all, no need for any other improvement, so far, except the future video codecs and this zoom setting missing. I believe that in the light of these advantages and advances, the 1000 euros added compared with the first model Zappiti Pro 4K HDR Audiocom Cinema Edition, fully justify them all. It is worth the price 100% pro. Read full review