SVS 2000 Series Press Reviews and Ratings

Stereowise, PC-2000, Read Review
Sonic overload, it was loud, clean, dynamic and hard-hitting. It shook the whole house! Based on its design, features, quality and performance, the SVS PC-2000 has earned our Highly Recommended Award., Dual PC-2000 Subwoofers, Read Review
“These subs do such a good job at producing low end, that sometimes there are scenes where the bass ramps up while the sound drops out, and the experience shifts from your ears to your chest cavity. If not for these subs, half of the experience would be missed.”

NewRecordDay, Dual PC-2000 Subwoofers – Watch Video
“Bazookas of bass awesomeness. Deep, powerful and downright musical, completely satisfied the bass freak in me. You are headed for sonic paradise.”

Audioholics – Read Review
“The PC-2000 has very accurate bass reproduction, deep low frequency extension, smooth integration and is the market leader in terms of footprint vs. performance.”

AV-Online (Hungarian) – Read Review
“A level of detailed sound and bass output you’d expect from a much more expensive subwoofer…it blended amazingly well with our speakers and provided a level of low end support that made the whole experience soar, which is a real virtue for subwoofers.” (video) review by Ron Brenay,
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“I am gonna declare the SVS PC-2000 as refined as it gets at its asking price. If you are in the market for a powerhouse sub that’s gonna kick the snot out of you when you ask for it while painting magical soundscapes of detail rich bass at the same time, I wouldn’t hesitate a second to recommend adding this sub to the shopping cart and never looking back. Well done SVS.”

Reference Home Theater, Review by Stephen Hornbrook, Read Review

"The SVS PC-2000 will provide the dynamic low frequency punch every good home theater will get your house shaking… easily makes our recommended list.”

Lifewire, Review by Robert Silva, Read Review

“Overall, the PC-2000 provided a clean, deep, and forceful bass response… excellent with both music and movies… and can really put out a lot of deep bass for a reasonable price.”

Electronic House Awards the PC-2000 2015 Product of the Year,  View Award

With a footprint measuring just 16.5 inches in diameter, the PC-2000 delivers unmatched bass performance per square-inch of floor space and comes standard with the Soundpath Subwoofer Isolation System.”

Home Theater Forum, Review by Sam Posten, Read Review

"I had to watch it again and again to make sure I wasn't just fooling myself. It really is that good… Solid performance, striking design, exceptional build quality and all at a price point that is remarkable for what you get."

Area DVD, German Review, Read Review

"Sound depth, differentiation, and volume - everything was absolutely top notch/top level. (Tiefgang, Staffelung, Volumen – alles absolut auf Top-Level.)"

HomeTheaterReview, SB-2000, Read Review
“The SB-2000 provided plenty of power while cleanly extending the lower registers smoothly and accurately. Provided all the impact and low frequency punch even the most action-packed movie might demand. For this price and at this size I really could not find a better subwoofer. It's fast, it's clean, and it's powerful. If the SVS SB-2000 fits your budget, look no further. It's in a class of its own as far as sealed subwoofers go.”

Elrief1, PB-2000, Watch Video
“The PB-2000 does everything you would want from a high-end subwoofer, and more. Build quality is top-notch, the sound is out of this world with bass that will shake your room but also hit really delicately when needed. I can’t believe it was able to replace my two older 10-inch subwoofers and actually hit harder.”

EnjoytheMusic, SB-2000, Read Review
“The SB-2000 went deep enough to satisfy any material that passed through and its bass was tight and pitch specific…can fight way above its weight class, an audiophile (or non-audiophile!) can hook up this subwoofer knowing they are getting the most for their money. Recommended? You bet!”

HomeTheatre101, PB-2000, Watch Video
“It’s completely changed what I think about subwoofers and blows my mind in every way when it comes to making bass for music and movies. Best price to performance ration on the market by a long shot.”

LVLOne, SB-2000, Read Review
“You can’t get a better subwoofer for the price and it easily rivals bigger more expensive brands. This subwoofer can fill up sound in nearly any home theater setup you may have and is highly recommended to bring your entertainment to another level. The whole experience made us feel like we were closer to the action.”

Z Reviews Reviews PB-2000 Subwoofer, See Video
“SVS, they are the name for subwoofers. You work your way up through other brands, but then you have SVS. Their products just WORK in every room set-up.” (Australian), SB-2000, Read Review
“We were amazed at the unit’s ability to pressurize our test room and provide the low frequency grins we were hoping for. The SB-2000 stands out for its hugely versatile form – a neat, beautiful looking design that will easily integrate with home décor, which is a big consideration for a lot of us (most of us) who don’t have dedicated home theaters. But its relatively small size belies its potent capability – we were seriously impressed with its output and response. A terrific option for those with 5.1/7.1 channel systems looking to transform their viewing experience, at a very reasonable price.”

TONEAudio Reviews SB-2000 Subwoofer, Read Review
“The SB-2000 can deliver prodigious output…the texture and articulation felt great…the quality of the bass produced is also excellent… A very impressive performance.”

PositiveFeedback Reviews SB-2000 Subwoofer, Read Review
“I admire the unobtrusive proportions, rounded edges, and curved perforated metal grille…The utter speed and dynamism of the SB-2000 was unexpected and enthusiastically welcomed... Smooth tactile bass flowed like warm sweet taffy. Additionally, the room gained a measure of ambiance and increased depth of perception. Soundly recommended.”

Widescreen Review Reviews SB-2000 and PB-2000 Subwoofers, Doug Blackburn (Print only)

SB-2000 - “The subwoofers SVS is offering have revolutionized bass for home theaters…great pitch definition and texture capabilities…Leave it to SVS to get much more bass out of a smaller box for 1/3 the cost of a big name subwoofer.”

PB-2000 - “It is honestly mind blowing to hear the depth, power and quality of bass SVS delivers for less than. Highly recommended, even if you were planning on spending much more on a subwoofer.”

HighDefDigest Reviews SB-2000 and PB-2000, by Joshua Zyber, Read Review

PB-2000 – “The PB-2000 gave me a kick in the chest…It sounds great with both music and movies…excellent subwoofer for home theater, I recommend it heartily.”

SB-2000 – “Not only does it sound great and deliver plenty of clean, powerful bass, but its compact design allows me to place it in the most advantageous spot in my room (both for looks and acoustics). I recommend it heartily.”

Z Reviews (video), Review by Steve Ciofalo, Watch Video

“SVS, they are the name for subwoofers. You work your way up through other brands, but then you have SVS. Their products just WORK in every room set-up.”

Sound + Vision names our PB-2000 and SB-2000: “One of Top 10 Subwoofers to Buy Right Now” View Award

SB-2000 and PB-2000 receive Sound & Vision’s Top Pick award, Review by David Vaughn, View Award

“You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better bass value than what either of these subwoofers offers...each sub reproduced deeper bass response that I could literally feel in my sternum; it shook the house!” - Brent Butterworth Reviews the PB-2000, Read Review

"…the PB-2000 didn't just reproduce the notes, it almost felt like the big woofers in a good club P.A. system, with effortless, raw physical power and nary a trace of distortion."

AVTech, Best Subwoofer Award, Read Review

"Feed it a movie soundmix and the SB-2000 provides hair-raising levels of low-frequency fun, adding tight, authentic weight to both effects and score. Switch to music and its agility and measured tone come to the fore. The SVS SB-2000 is smartly designed, easy to setup and a treat to listen to."

Home Cinema Choice, Review, Read Review

“…the SVS has no trouble in converting explosions into visceral and impressively deep bass that can be felt as much as heard…more of a surprise is in terms of how impressively subtle and refined it can be… a seriously talented subwoofer.” awards PB-2000 Best of 2014, View Award

"…capable of the necessary brute force…surprisingly nuanced and detailed."

The SB-2000 Receives's 2014 Editor’s Choice Award, Read Review

“This is what having a sealed subwoofer is all about, audio purists will cry tears of joy at its lightning fast accuracy… it’s hands down one the best sealed woofers we’ve ever heard!”

AVForums, Review by Steve Withers, Read Review

"All of SVS's experience and expertise has combined perfectly to create a subwoofer that punches well above its weight, delivering deep bass and real impact…The SB-2000 sealed subwoofer is a triumph for SVS, packing a staggering amount of technology and power into its diminutive enclosure."

Digital Trends, SB-2000 Review by Caleb Denison, Read Review

For the price, the SB-2000 offers a deadly combination of potent power, tight articulation, deep extension, and good ole’ fashioned room-rumbling fun. For a high-end bass solution under , perhaps the only thing better than owning an SVS SB-2000, would be to own two of them. - Brent Butterworth Reviews the SB-2000, Read Review

"The SVS SB-2000's one of the tightest, punchiest, most precise-sounding subs I've ever heard."

Audioholics’ Tom Andry reviews the SB-2000 and PB-2000, Read Review

"…SVS is offering technology normally reserved for subwoofers two or three times the asking price of 2000 series… The SB-2000 and PB-2000 set a new bar in the performance/price category…"

AVSForum – Mark Henninger Reviews the PB-2000, Read Review

"Among subwoofers that are capable of playing as low as 17 Hz, there are few with that capability that cost less…The PB-2000 earns my unreserved recommendation…”, Review by Dennis Burger, Read Review

"…incredibly impactful yet refined…yet again, SVS has proven to be a company that defies expectations based on aesthetics and price…"

Digital Trends, Review by Caleb Denison, Read Review

"the sub packs plenty of muscle, including a 500-watt RMS (1100-watt peak) Sledge amplifier."

Audio|Video Revolution, Review by Andre Marc, Read Review

"The SB-2000 was a game changer for my home theater. There was an added weight and realism to the entire presentation that was just not there before."

Reference Home Theater - Chris Heinonen Reviews the PB-2000, Read Review

"Everything seems to come alive a bit more when the PB-2000 plays… my home theater seats actually vibrate."