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Deze SB-1000 mag dan een instapwoofer van SVS zijn, maar als we dat vergelijken met de competitie, dan krijg je bij de Amerikanen toch heel wat waar voor je geld; 12-inch woofer, 300 Watt continu en 720 Watt dynamisch vermogen, een solide constructie, en ga zo maar door. Inmiddels weten we dat SVS zeer goede premium subwoofers kan maken voor zowel film en muziek, maar lukt hen dat ook in het goedkopere segment? Reviews Dual PB-1000, See Video
“Probably the smartest buy in bass and that’s not just because of performance and price point. SVS’ customer service is legendary…To have something that inexpensive do that well down to 20 hertz was just really impressive.”

AVProductReviews reviews PB-1000 Subwoofer, Read Review
The PB-1000 hits all the right notes…It outperforms nearly everything I’ve heard in this price range… It’s low-frequency punch with movies and music is indicative of subs that cost much more.”

Sound & Vision Magazine, Review by Brent Butterworth, Read Review

“I don't need to come up with any flowery verbiage or clever analogies to sum up the PB-1000. Its performance speaks for itself... the best thrill ride I've gotten from a sub.”

AVForums, Review by Stephen Withers, Read Review

“The PB-1000 produces the kind of forceful, yet detailed bass that we would expect from more powerful and certainly more expensive subwoofers… If SVS's goal was to create a subwoofer that could deliver deep bass at a price that doesn't require deep pockets, then they have succeeded beyond all hope.”

Audioholics, 2013 Consumer Excellence Award, Read Review

“Let's recap. Great price, check. Great performance, check. Great customer service, check. Three checks and the PB-1000 breezes into a winning spot in our 2013 Consumer Excellence Award competition.”

Home Theater Shack, Review by Jim Wilson, Read Review

 "The PB-1000 handled its sweeps down to "feel it" level... the bass was potent and rich...and had a very clean presentation to boot. I could actually feel it in my chest...with powerful depth and impact."

Reference Home Theater, Review by Chris Heinonen, Read Review

"As subwoofers go, it's going to be hard for another sub to beat the PB-1000... Highly recommended."

Audiohead, Review, Read Review

“I immediately noticed a positive impact on the sound... you can feel it in your chest. Movies explode, delight and frighten just a little more with a lower sub sonic signature.”

Digital Hippos, Review by Dustin Orgill, Read Review

 "...the pinnacle of value in home theater...To say that this sub digs deep would be a huge will not be disappointed."

Technology Tell, Review by Dennis Burger, Read Review

 "The only incredible thing about its price is how low it is for an incredibly well-engineered 10-inch sub capable of reaching down to an astounding 19 Hz."

HiFi (Poland), SB-1000, Read Review
“I was shocked by the deep bass tones and room-filling output from a subwoofer of this size. It maintains proper control and is highly resilient even when pushed to its limits in a large room with music or home theater.”

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Popzara, Review by Herman Exum, Read Review
“It really does have a looming presence thanks to a seemingly limitless low-end that’s rich in detail. One of the few subwoofers that delivers more than enough dynamic oomph.”, Review by Dustin Orgill, Read Review
“It thumped, pounded, and beat its way into my nerdy heart.”, Review by Brian Hoss, Read Review

“The sub manages a smooth power band, and this is important when getting the most out of a mix…could be the cornerstone of many home theaters.”, Review by David Foster, See Video

“The bass that’s coming out of this subwoofer is very clear, even when I have it full blast…It pulls out those lows really well, even if you don’t listen to music with a lot of heavy bass, so you really know what’s going on.” Reviews SB-1000 Subwoofer, by Kevin East, Read Review
“Right out of the box, the SB-1000 astonished me with its depth and clarity…a listening experience that is coherent, cohesive, and musically engaging. I’m not sure there’s a better value today in audio.”, Review by Robert Silva, Read Review

"If you are looking for a subwoofer that provides a good balance of power output, low frequency response, installation convenience and price definitely give the SB-1000 consideration…with its easy-to-hide compact size, this subwoofer can make a great addition to your system… I found that the SB-

1000 provided very good tight bass for its small size…On music-based material, the SB-1000 reproduced good overall bass response, doing especially well with music tracks featuring acoustic bass detail…”

Home Theater Shack, Review by Jim Wilson, Read Review

"I found myself falling for this dinky overachiever...the SVS SB1000 is amazing for its size. When you look at this thing you almost can't help but laugh and think "That's a subwoofer?" Put in a blu-ray with a pounding soundtrack though and the laughter will stop, because it's going to leave you amazed."

Digital Hippos, Review by Dustin Orgill, Read Review

"... represents a stunning achievement that must have the competition shaking in their boots... What SVS Sound has done with the SB-1000 is nothing short of amazing."

The Man Cave Cinema, Review, Read Review

 "…butter smooth and hard hitting at the same time……you will most definitely fall in love with it, like I did. You just can’t go wrong."

Techshout, Best Subwoofer for Music, View Article

 "Here's another power-packed speaker main unit that'll allow you to enjoy every tune that echoes from the system", Review by James Pikover, Read Review

"The SVS SB-1000 is a powerful and price-conscience subwoofer to give your entertainment center the bass it doesn’t just need, but that it deserves… I can’t recommend the SB-1000 enough.", Reviews the SB-1000 by Sujesh Pavithran, Read Review

"This has to be one of the best bang-for-buck subwoofers in the market right now."