SVS Ultra Series Pers beoordelingen en Recensies, Ultra Bookshelf Speaker, Read Review
“SVS ULTRA BOOKSHELF - DIT IS GEEN SUBWOOFER. SVS heeft een waanzinnig goede reputatie als het over subwoofers gaat. Minder bekend – bij ons dan – is dat het Amerikaanse merk ook luidsprekers bouwt volgens hetzelfde prestaties-gaan-voor-op-alles-principe als bij hun subs. Dat klinkt beloftevol, wat de aanleiding vormde om bij SVS de Ultra-boekenplankspeaker aan te vragen."

TechnoDad, Ultra 5.1.4 Speaker System, Watch Video
“Massive impact and presence, it was just glorious hearing this system perform. Very capable of handling anything with clarity and massive impact when called for. The mids and highs were completely transparent and very detailed and the bass was room-shaking. Really puts you in the middle of the action.”

Widescreen Review, Ultra Tower Surround System, Print Only
“While I enjoyed the performance of the Ultra system, I’m having a hard time grappling with how a loudspeaker system (not including subwoofer) could compete with another recent system with a retail price closer to $30,000. When I say compete, I mean by making it difficult to choose which loudspeakers you’d rather listen to for the next 5 or 10 years if price was no concern. There is an incredible psychological barrier to break down when you know one system is $30k or over while the other system you might consider is less than. I can’t say if the Ultra system is worse, better, or equal-but-different compared to that hypothetical $30,000 system. But whatever the Ultra system is, it is not wildly outclassed by loudspeakers costing a lot more. Hearing the Ultra system really makes you question whether it is necessary to spend more, even if you could.”

TheDroidGuy, Ultra Tower Speakers Listed as “Best High End Floorstanding Speakers”, See List
“The SVS Ultra Tower floorstanding speakers are considered by many to be the best floorstanding speakers with a three-figure price. They deliver deep and highly accurate bass with best-in-class sensitivity for natural representation of human voice. A great harmonic balance is achieved with the intelligent SVS SoundMatch 3.5-way crossover, which creates an expansive, yet focused and precise soundstage.”

OuterAudio, Ultra Tower Surround System, Read Review
“The Ultra System is not only loud but detailed and crystal clear…crossover points are smooth resulting in exceptional detail and clarity.. If you want to impress your friends and disturb the neighborhood, then the SVS Ultra Tower Surround Sound System is exactly what you’re looking for. A cinema-quality audio experience.”

TheMasterSwitch, Ultra Tower, Read Review
“Utterly magnificent bass. Fluid and captivating articulation in the mids, with warmth and clarity to voices. Intriguing and captivating design with great stereo imaging. The Ultra Towers are easily among the best floorstanding speakers available.”

AVNirvana, Ultra Tower, Read Review
“The Ultra Tower offers a listener serious power – thickly textured and finely tuned power – loaded with an amazing depth of sound. Soundstage and imaging were excellent, with pinpoint precision of voices and samples. SVS Ultra Towers can make audiophile dreams come true possessing the ability to tackle discerning two-channel listening and the dynamic demands of full-on home theater presentations.”

HemmaBio (Sweden), Ultra Towers, Print Only
“SVS Ultra Towers impress. They give an unusually well nuanced sound which keeps clarity even in the top registers and takes it with them all the way down to the bass frequencies, which even with open bass ports plays fast, dry and alert. As a bonus, you get at pair of really good music sounding speakers that grow with you as you upgrade your amplifier. Altogether this makes Ultra tower a fantastic choice for both movie and music enthusiasts. All at a very reasonable price. We wholeheartedly recommend these speakers.”

Wirecutter, Ultra Bookshelf Speakers, Read Review
“The SVS pair’s bass went deeper, had better definition, and helped the speakers create a larger soundstage than their rivals mustered. Room-filling bass that other bookshelf speakers simply cannot touch.”

TharBamar Audio Reviews, Ultra Tower Speaker, Read Review
“Bass response is the best ever bass reproduction I have experienced in my system…scale was as big as listening to live concert, very well composed and naturally musical sound, even at 110db of loudness. Tremendous value and performance, SVS Ultra Towers are truly remarkable speakers.”

Consumer Digest Awards SVS Ultra Bookshelf as “Best Buy” for Stereo Speakers
“The SVS Ultra Bookshelf Speaker is a repeat Best Buy selection, because it produces hearty bass and full sounds unlike any other stereo speakers that we heard in this price range. This bookshelf model produces sound that rivals that of larger tower speakers.”

The Master Switch, Ultra Bookshelf Review & Award for Best Bookshelf Speaker of 2016, Read Review
“Superb clarity, classy looks, a wide soundstage and an unbelievable low end. The SVS Ultra is the Best Bookshelf speaker.”

Z Reviews, Ultra Bookshelf Speaker Review (Video), Watch Video
“The imaging and depth are astonishing even at high volume. Blows my mind. They have the Wow. Absolutely the best speakers I’ve heard. Period.”

AVNirvana, Ultra Bookshelf, Read Review
“Performance wise, this dynamo is off the charts, possessing the ability to throw a massive audiophile grade soundstage. It’s a speaker that plays twice its size. I was floored by its evenness of sound, low-end punch, tightness, and clarity. Projects an airy aura and composition of soundstage that is exceptional.”

Audioholics, Ultra Speaker System Mentioned in Denon AVR Atmos Review, Read Review
“The way this combo handled all those audible cues as the voices echoed and decayed in the distance was eerily good.  Such examples demonstrated beyond the shadow of a doubt that immersive audio isn’t about gimmicks. It’s about how immersive audio can bring a finite space to life.” Reviews Ultra Center Channel, Read Review
“Without question the Ultra is a monster speaker overall; in fact, it’s one of the most muscular centers I’ve heard…It delivers clean dialogue and vocals, has super-fast dynamics and enough midbass muscle to keep up with a THX-level theater system.”

Ultra Bookshelf receives 2015 Consumers Digest Best Buy Award – BEHIND PAYWALL
“We found that the Ultra Bookshelf delivers bass and sound that’s as that of stereo speakers that cost twice as much.  We also found that no other speaker that cost less deliver tonal range that’s as accurate as what this model produces.”

Reference Home Theater, Review by Chris Heinonen, Read Review
"…the Ultra Bookshelf has no trouble filling a room. For a pair it is a very impressive speaker, even when compared to those costing 50% more… Great bass, good depth to music, good soundstage, very nice build quality."

Home Cinema Choice, Ultra Tower Review by Adam Rayner. Read Review
“The bass from the quartet of 8in drivers and that weapons-grade hammer of a bass driver is wondrous. Rapid beyond belief, with astonishing grip and literally no overhang at all... But there's more than just an iron grip and lack of bass boominess - this is a whole package of loveliness...the SVS system's midband and effortless, soaring, clean and pure highs were able to entertain as well as unnerve.” 

Hi Res Audio Central, Ultra Tower Review by Ron Goldberg, Read Review
“Hats off to the SVS crew for introducing what may turn out to be a classic loudspeaker model, and making it easy to own…the Ultra Towers are among the best values I’ve heard at this price point.”

Ultra Bookshelf Receives the Audioholics 2014 Product of the Year Award, Read Review
“If you’re looking for a high performance, attractive bookshelf speaker that can truly deliver on that “better than being there” experience for around , then you owe it to yourself to try these out”

CNET, Review by Steve Guttenberg, Read Review
“SVS may be best known for its outrageously fine subwoofers, but the Audiophiliac thinks its Ultra Tower is the gem in the line.”, Review by Steve Guttenberg, Read Review
“…was mightily impressed with their sound… the Ultra Bookshelfs' clarity and poise under pressure that made the strongest positive impression…”

AVNirvana, Ultra 7.0 Surround System, Read Review
“Every single Ultra Series speaker has the innate ability to step back and let the audio happen. And when played in unison, the experience is seamless. Sounds simply flowed, seemingly detached from specific channels. Notably, balance of dialog was excellent as voices shifted from the center channel to other speakers; changes in voice pitch and depth were undetectable and intelligibility remained excellent. Precision of sound was on full display, quenching my ears with a purity that – at times – didn’t sound real. Perfectly balanced system with absolute purity.”

The Ultra Speakers receive Sound & Vision’s Top Pick of the Year Award, Read Review
“Web-direct speaker-maker SVS, long known for outstanding subwoofers, knocked it out of the park on sound and build quality with the high-value, full-range Ultra speaker line.”

The Ultra Bookshelf Receives's Editor’s Choice Award, Read Review
“Audiophiles take heed: The design, performance, and price make the SVS Ultra Bookshelf the perfect option for the last set of Bookshelf speakers you’ll ever need to purchase.”

Audioholics, Review by Gene DellaSala, Read Review
“There is so much to like about these speakers and so little to complain about. They offer a very balanced sound, with great dynamic capabilities... the best value in high performance bookshelf speakers!”

Sound&Vision, Review by Brent Butterworth, Read Review
“Dynamics of a custom theater system, neutrality and ambience of an audiophile system…Certified and Recommended.”

The Ultra Tower Receives's Best of 2013 Award, Read Review
“Glossy, gorgeous, and powerful only begin to describe these Internet-direct speakers. With SVS's 45-day in-home trial option, those who are shopping in the market owe it to themselves to give these towers a try.”

Audioholics, 2013 Consumer Excellence Award, View Award
“Dammit, I think SVS may have rigged the awards. Well, that, or they simply consistently make stellar products. Okay, it's the latter.”

Digital Trends, Review by Caleb Denison, Read Review
“The SVS Ultra Tower Surround speaker package came as close to earning a perfect 10 as any other speaker system we've heard in its price class...for our money, this is the speaker system to beat this year and possibly for years to come.”

Widescreen Review Magazine, Review by Gary Reber, Read Review
“ exceptional multichannel loudspeaker system that is true to SVS' tradition of offering higher performance for the money through R&D and design... the SVS Ultras offer a level of price/performance value that is rare, if non-existent.”, Review by Patrick Dillon, Read Review
“Impressive value, great looks, and easy set-up; the cost of entry to full-size high end speakers is lower than ever.”

Thom Moon - GoodSound!, Read Review
“The SVS Ultra Tower is a phenomenal accomplishment at the price; there's just nothing I've heard, or even for significantly more, that comes close.”

Audioholics, Review by Marshall Guthrie, Read Review
“...these are beautiful, capable speakers that are also a terrific value...remarkable speakers at a head turning price...their performance stands toe to toe with much more expensive contenders”

Home Theater, Review by Andrew Robinson, Read Review
“The level of detail and inflection captured and put forth by the Ultra Series speakers was incredible…Simply put, the whole experience was fantastic. What more can an enthusiast on a budget ask for? I couldn't think of anything…”, Review by Glen Wagenknecht, Read Review
“The SVS Ultra Tower hits higher-tier performance benchmarks that keep it fiercely competitive against products many times its modest cost. An overachiever on all levels…It's a stunning price/performance ratio that constitutes a genuine bargain.”

Home Theater Forum, Review by Sam Chandler, Read Review
 “These speakers, particularly the Tower, can do anything...performed flawlessly.”, Review by Andrew Robinson, Read Review
“Cutting right to the chase, the Ultra Bookshelf speaker from SVS is a phenomenal achievement and arguably my favorite of the new Ultra series. The build quality is beyond reproach, as is SVS' commitment to its customers. The Ultra Bookshelf's sound is one of incredible musicality, possessing enough of the stuff audiophiles crave, but at a more Everyman price. I even found that, in certain situations, a subwoofer (SVS offers many) may not be necessary, making the Ultra Bookshelf far more versatile than most smaller two-way bookshelf speakers. While it's not perfect nor without competition, the Ultra Bookshelf should be on your must-audition list if you're in the market for a solid pair of affordable bookshelf loudspeakers.”

LA Audio File, Review by Kevin Nakano, Read Review
“The SVS Ultra Towers are certainly one of the best sounding speakers we have heard in the sub (per pair) category. The ability to reproduce subtle details, provide a wide soundstage with excellent and seamless bass reproduction make this a highly attractive loudspeaker.”

Audio|Video Revolution, Andre Marc, Read Review
"...the Ultras captured the music's spirit so beautifully I could not help but get lost in the hypnotic beats. Goosebump moments, for sure...the Ultras have a big sound not often found in stand mount designs. Before spending a bunch more, I highly suggest checking out SVS -- you might just find that far more expensive brands offer little, or nothing, more. Highly Recommended."

Positive Feedback, Review by Steve Lefkowicz, Read Review
“These speakers disappeared and got out of the music's way better than any of the speakers I've tried in my system over the past several years.…the Ultra Bookshelf, on its own, is one of the very few affordably priced smallish stand-mounted speakers I wholeheartedly can recommend.”

AudioHead, HiFi Audio Reviews, Read Review
"The SVS Ultra Bookshelf … exceeded my overall expectations… It leaves the listener with the sensation that they are sitting in the front row, not the back.", Review by Sean Killebrew, Read Review
“The strongest statement I can make about the SVS Ultra Bookshelf speakers is that, about midway through critical listening, I started scheming for a way to buy them. Yes, they're that good”

Positive Feedback, Review by Victor Chavira, Read Review
 “One evening, I invited an esteemed colleague with over thirty years of experience in audio arts. He brought a vast variety of songs on his music dedicated laptop. Each song played inspired different song or another direction and on it went for several hours into the night. Finally, towards the end he asked about the price of Ultra's and he shook his head and smiled in disbelief. "I know!" I said.”

Home Cinema Choice, Review by Adam Rayner, Read Review
“The bass from the quartet of 8in drivers and that weapons-grade hammer of a bass driver is wondrous. Rapid beyond belief, with astonishing grip and literally no overhang at all... But there's more than just an iron grip and lack of bass boominess - this is a whole package of loveliness...the SVS system's midband and effortless, soaring, clean and pure highs were able to entertain as well as unnerve.”

Best of Show Awards, Sound & Vision - The Bristol Show 2013. View Award
Clarity Alliance announces SVS/Primare as the “Best Home Cinema Room 2013.” 

Malaysian Webzine, Review, Read Review
“The SVS Ultra bookshelf speakers are well-built, look slick and most importantly, sound great…The fact that they cost just under a grand a pair is quite amazing… A great effort from SVS… recommended.”

Norwegian webzine, Reviews the Ultra Tower Speakers by Håvard Holmedal, Read Review