Magnetar UDP800 Pers Recensies

EISA AWARD: Best Product 2023-2024 Read full review
For a high-quality AV experience, there is still nothing better than Ultra HD Blu-ray discs, especially when delivered by a premium player. Magnetar’s UDP800 is the star you need to illuminate your home theatre, combining DVD, Blu-ray and Ultra HD Blu-ray playback with handling of music formats including DVD-A and SACD. Comprehensive user menus and connectivity make this disc-spinner user friendly, while its high-end construction befits the price tag. The UDP800 delivers 4K discs (including Dolby Vision or HDR10+) with pin-sharp detailing and smooth colour gradations via HDMI, but switch to music though its analogue outputs (RCA or XLR) and its performance is equally captivating. The UDP800 is the long-awaited new king of discs.

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The Magnetar UDP800 is an excellent player, and overall, a nice substitute for any of the Oppo players. It’s not an exact feature-for-feature match. For example, the Oppo 203 that I have has full analog surround outputs for movies or SACDs. The Magnetar has stereo RCAs. The rest of the audio output is handled by the HDMI jack. On the other hand, the Magnetar has a very solid disc loading mechanism, preferable to the one on my Oppo, which is not bad either, but the Magnetar seems more robust (…) Visually, I saw no difference between the Magnetar playback and watching the same movie on my Oppo 203.

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Much like vinyl, Blu-ray is looking to be a more resilient format than many predicted at the start of the streaming boom, and an investment in high-end hardware like Magnetar’s UDP800 looks increasingly like a smart buy for those of us with large disc collections, be they CD, DVD or 4K Blu-ray. Build, specification and performance are formidable. If you’re a believer in physical media, it’s not going to disappoint. Buy the UDP800 and before you know it, I’ll bet you’ll be scouring online sites and record stores for obscure releases on all manner of shiny platters. Just like Indiana Jones. “Excellent picture quality” Read full review
The Magnetar provided excellent picture quality. Although we’d rather leave a task like upscaling to a modern TV, the UDP800 also delivered good results (…) The Magnetar UBP800 is a worthy all-rounder. Movie buffs and music lovers can listen to their entire library on this device. Not only does it gobble up just about every type of disc, but it also plays many media files and even iso files.