Audiopraise Vanity Pers beoordelingen en Recensies

Introduction of the VanityPRO by Frank Doorhof, see full video
"In this video I introduce the new Vanity Pro from Audiopraise. This is a high-end solution for people that demand the utmost quality out of their HDMI connections."

The Absolute Sound Review: Audiopraise VanityPRO Multichannel HDMI Extractor Righting A Digital Wrong, read full review
"If you’ve been into surround sound in a big way and have a large library of discrete multichannel music, the Audiopraise product effectively addresses the shortcomings of the HDMI interface—a factor that has limited the ultimate quality of DSD and high-rate PCM playback for critical listeners, and the cost is reasonable."

HiFi.NL Review Audiopraise VanityPRO: HDMI-Audio Optimaal Afspelen, read full review
"In feite is er niets vergelijkbaars, waardoor deze HDMI Audio Extractor een heel unieke positie inneemt. De Audiopraise VanityPro heeft veel te bieden aan muziekliefhebbers die oudere muziekschijven of multikanaalsbestanden in een hoge kwaliteit willen beluisteren. De ondersteuning voor PCM en DSD is daarbij een echte troef."

Audio Science Review, read full review
"it is one of the best performing devices I have tested. Using this box, you can integrated audio from your video devices (assuming you do decoding in software), allowing much easier integration into a high-performance audio system"

Stereophile, read full review
"In stereo or multichannel, the VanityPRO turns your disc player into a transport and enhances the quality of the output from all discs, including CDs, DVDs, DVD-As, Blu-rays, BD-As, and SACDs."

Audiophile Style, read full review
"The VanityPRO opens up (and cleans up) a world of more audio content that's unavailable via our typical streaming services."