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The Master Switch Hails Prime Pinnacle as "Best Overall Floorstanding Speaker"

“In terms of sound, value, and design, they just crush it. We adore the audio quality, which manages to be both breathtakingly powerful and surprisingly articulate, handling heavy dance and hip-hop as easily as they handle delicate folk music. These are the best floorstanding speakers you can buy.”

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TheNextWeb, Prime Elevation, Read Review
“They’re versatile, easy to integrate with other speakers, and can help solve placement issues in all sorts of rooms. Eerily realistic. Threw out a large soundstage with greater punchiness. Atmos content displayed an altogether new level of realism.  An easy recommendation.

TheDigitalCinema, Prime Elevation,
Read Review
“Dialog was remarkably clear with crisp highs and excellent clarity.  Separation was nice, wide and clean.  Presence was much fuller than I expected. SVS has created an extremely versatile design that not only performs great from multiple angles but also for multiple channels.  Mounting was simple and quick. These are truly all-purpose speakers for today’s home theater set-ups. Delivers what it promises – in abundance!”

AudioReputation, Prime Elevation, Read Review
“Great midrange and treble reproduction. Much easier installation than in-ceiling speakers and delivers much better listening experience than height modules. It’s an awesome height speaker, especially if you don’t want or you are not allowed to drill holes in your ceiling. It can also be used as a front, center, or surround speaker. SVS Prime Elevation is the most versatile home theater speaker on the market!”

AVNirvana, Prime Elevation Featured in Auro-3D Trend Story, Read Article
“Elevation performed amazingly well during this exploratory review, issuing excellent sound during Auro-3D audio sessions. To put it simply: Prime Elevation is a phenomenal immersive sound speaker.”

TechnoDad (Youtube), Prime Elevation, Watch Video
“SVS Prime Elevation Speakers are the best Dolby Atmos solution for people that can't install in-ceiling speakers or don't like the ceiling bounce. It’s the type of speaker that sounds great and solves a whole lot of issues.”

AVSForum, Prime Elevation, Read Review
“The Prime Elevations sound better than any reflected-sound elevation speakers I have tried. Plus, they do it at a lower price than most. They also beat the sound of in-ceiling speakers. Their performance and price make them a top choice for getting the most out of Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, and Auro-3D. The best 3D immersive audio experience you can have.”

AVNirvana, Prime Elevation, Read Review
“Brings immersive sound to life, while offering an insane amount of versatility because of its size and mounting system. I was impressed with the speaker’s controlled crispness as volume increased. The Elevations have a breadth of sound and wide dispersion that literally creates a blanket effect. Well done, SVS. Atmos has never sounded this good!”

HighDefDigest, Prime Elevation, Read Review
“With the Prime Elevation speakers installed, I have grown to appreciate Dolby Surround and DTS:Neural:X up-mixing. I prefer the direct output to ceiling bounce. An impressive speaker and a ready-made upgrade for the vast majority of home theaters and anyone who wants to take advantage of the latest audio surround formats.”

ScreenAnarchy, Prime Elevation, Read Review
“A perfect speaker solution for Atmos channels. Far more neutral, precise and better sounding than the competition and I love the flexible mounting. I’ve reached a caliber in my setup that I never dreamed possible.”

HomeTheaterShack, Prime Elevation, Read Review
“Elevation impressed with its musicality and high level performance characteristics. Delivered realistic overhead movement…projected a thick and rich sound, full of vibrancy and life. Highly Recommended.”

LVLone, Prime Elevation, Read Review
“No matter where you put them, they sound like they were meant for that placement…the king of versatility…These speakers pack a punch, especially when setup for down-firing.”

TheMasterSwitch, Prime Elevation, Read Review
“The sound was absolutely extraordinary… They offer so many possibilities, and can adapt to so many circumstances…no matter where we put them, or the kind of audio we pumped through them, they handled everything brilliantly.”

PCWorld/TechHive, Prime Elevation, Read Review
“This is one of the smartest and most practical speakers I’ve ever come across…The perfect height speaker for any Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, or Auro-3D installation. Absolutely stunning!”

Lifewire, Prime Elevation, Read Review
“Performed well in a variety of roles…Great option for Dolby Atmos, without the hassle of cutting into the ceiling and routing wire through the walls and ceiling.”

HomeTheaterReview, Prime Elevation. Read Review
“SVS has another winner on its hands with the Prime Elevation speaker, and kudos to the company for thinking outside the box to consider the needs of those who don’t have the perfect listening space. This little guy can wear many hats…and wear them well.”

WidescreenReview, Prime Elevation (Print Only)
“The Elevations are just too good to use only as height channels…Highly recommended…A 10 out of 10 from me on this one.”

Reddit (Budget Audiophile), Prime Bookshelf Speakers, Read Review
“Fills a large room with ease, even without a sub. Fantastic top end that gives you all the clarity you could possibly want, a tonally accurate midrange, and a respectable amount of bass for speakers of this size, all in speakers that will adapt to whatever music you listen to.”

Pixelated Gamer, Prime Tower Speaker System, Read Review
“The deep bass notes, punchy midrange performance and crystal clear highs all come together for a full on audio assault that rivals any pair of towers we have heard yet. It demonstrates what is possible when a company refuses to compromise on their goals and accepts nothing less than absolute brilliance from their product line. Each cabinet design presented here and their overall finish will floor you at first sight. It provides blistering audio performance that makes every game and movie come to life around you. The experience delivered here by SVS shouldn't be possible at this price point and their competitors are more than likely losing sleep over the immense capabilities and robust power produced in this amazing expertly tuned package."

AVNirvana, Prime Tower Speakers,
Read Review
“Frequency response extends from 30 Hz to 25 kHz. Low distortion and superb off-axis frequency response ensure clean delivery, a wonderful soundstage and lifelike imaging. Through the Prime Towers, I bear witness to a new paradigm of speaker design in which the old rules and limits of cost/performance/flexibility are shattered, and the bar is raised for others to follow and compete with.” 

Digital Trends, Prime Tower Surround System named “Best Speaker System”, See Award
“For the perfect blend of price, performance, and gorgeously detailed sound for your home theater space, there is no better option than the SVS Prime Tower Surround system. An immersive listening experience that is second to none at this price.”

SalonAV (Russia), Prime Towers (Print only)
“Prime Tower acoustics are omnivorous. They play music with an amazing drive and are capable of big dynamics without losing control over the rhythm at any volume. Bass is low and musical, upper range is detailed and extremely transparent. With such a finish and price – one of the most attractive options anywhere near the cost.”

AVNirvana, Prime Towers, Read Review
These speakers can CRANK and still unravel the music's details. Soundstage was good and wide, with plenty of depth, and the bass was excellent with good extension. Image clarity was tight with clear space between the voices, all nicely sorted out and organized. I was both baffled and impressed by its ability to image flawlessly and cast a grand soundstage. Kudos to SVS!

HiFiChoice, Prime Towers earn “Recommended Products Award”, Read Review
“A presentation that’s finely revealing, harmonically rich and rhythmically tight. The longer I listen to the Prime Tower, the more I appreciate its ability to walk the line between resolving detail and embracing the bigger picture. It’s a sound blueprint for long-term satisfaction.”

TheMasterSwitch, Prime Towers, Read Review
“Musical, with great articulation and detail. Felt wide and accommodating, with a very good spread of audio elements throughout the room. Dialogue was clear and precise. Sound effects had a pleasing snap to them. The highs felt detailed, with good dynamics. It’s the kind of sound we’d expect from speakers with another digit on the end.”

TharBamar Audio Reviews, Prime Towers, Read Review or Watch Video
“Excellent tone quality from top to bottom of frequency range, well balanced neutral sound with deep, clean and tight musical bass performance. Head and shoulders above the rivals at price point or even higher.”

HighDefDigest, Prime Bookshelf and Prime Center Speaker, Read Review
“A marvel of sound design. These speakers can uncoil the sound and reach well above their price point. Easy recommendations for the aspiring but sensible home theater enthusiast.”

AudiophileApartment, Prime Bookshelf. Read Review
“The SVS Prime Bookshelf speakers sound as great as they look. They are the perfect anchor for a reasonably priced, high performance audio system. I can’t think of a better pair of speakers to put on your short list. Highly recommended.”

Lite Magazine (German), Prime Tower 7.1, Read Review
“The Prime Series deliver a strong, voluminous, precise and powerful sound, without ever getting in the way. Action movie dynamics and effects are incredibly realistic. Wow is all I can say!”

Consumer Digest, Prime Satellite 5.1 Earns “Best Buy” for 5.1 Channel Surround Sound Systems
“We found that this system’s small satellite speakers rival the speakers of competitive systems, large and small, in delivering sound that has a lot of detail. You could pay twice the price and not get the sound performance of the Prime Satellite 5.1 speaker package.”

Popzara, Prime Satellites, Review by Herman Exum, Read Review
“These satellites perform well above their own weight, almost like an acoustic sucker punch. The soundstage is expressive with an unrestrained profile that’s gleefully direct.”

HomeTheaterForum, Prime Towers, Review by Todd Erwin, Read Review
“Enveloping and immersive, bass response was exceptional, all without the use of a subwoofer. The Prime Towers shined with great clarity and resonance. A great value for any home theater enthusiast!”

Audio-Head Reviews, Prime Tower, Read Review
“The Prime Tower brings a big package to the game…If you want to hear every note, foot tap and breath, this is a speaker for you.”

TechExamined, Prime Towers, Video Review by Michael Panetta, Watch Video
“I am seriously impressed. From the build quality to the listening experiences, you definitely get some of the best speakers out there.”, Prime Tower package, Review by Andrew Van Til, Read Review
“Not only do they present outstanding center imaging and an unwillingness to compromise either punch or clarity, they also subtly seduce listeners to keep turning up the volume. With each notch on the dial even sweeter than the last …It is far and away the best performing, and looking system at this price point, and likely even twice the amount…Well done SVS.”, Prime Satellite 5.1 Review by Dustin Orgill, Read Review
“I almost couldn't believe what I was hearing as it sounded cleaner, sharper, and absolutely more room-filling than my precious $3000+ system…this system is truly a revelation…The SVS Prime Satellite 5.1 Speaker System is supreme home theatre sound for the rest of us. Starting at just , you have an investment for life, not only for movies and music but more importantly, for all your gaming experiences.”

HighDefDigest Reviews Prime Satellite, by Brian Hoss, Read Review
The small speaker's ability to deliver to the whole width of the home theater and not just the sweet spot can be staggering versus expectations…has an airiness that balances the surround action of an expert mix so effectively that the true position of the speakers is never given away.” Reviews Prime Center Channel, Read Review
“The SVS Prime seems to me like a steal at its price tag…The center acted beautifully in concert, as impactful (when called for) as the main speakers; part of the action when needed, or leading the action when needed.”

Popzara, Prime Satellite 5.1, Review by Herman Exum, Read Review
“Editor’s Choice. The Prime Satellite 5.1 is a surround powerhouse. Obtuse, blunt, and enveloping where it counts.”

GeeksLife Reviews Prime Satellite Speaker, by David Foster, See Video
“The quality and the clarity of these speakers is absolutely amazing. These speakers pull out those mids and highs really we’ll so you’re hearing everything that’s going on.” Reviews Prime Tower Speakers, by John Crossett, Read Review
“The SVS Prime Towers are good enough to become search-enders.” Reviews Prime Satellite Speakers, by Kevin East, Read Review
“At a pop, the Prime Satellite is one of audio’s bona-fide bargains. I’ve heard speakers costing each that struggle to keep up with the Satellites, as well as speakers that can’t come close to the cleanness and accuracy of their sound. I’m not sure there’s a better value today in audio.”

EnjoytheMusic Reviews Prime Tower Speakers, by Rick LaFaver, Read Review
“It would be tough to find a better speaker to pull double duty in this price range, as it demolishes all of the big box offerings at its prices point and is equal or better than most of the current Internet-direct offerings in their price range I have heard.” Reviews the Prime Satellite 5.1 Surround System, Read Review
"SVS has redefined value for the satellite speaker category by packing an astonishing amount of sound quality into a very small speaker cabinet, at an extremely aggressive price. The SVS Prime Satellite 5.1 home theater system is the best satellite speaker surround sound system I know for under . Congratulations, SVS. The old king is dead, long live the new king."

AVSForums Review the Prime Series Speakers, Read Review
SVS has achieved a great balance of price, performance, aesthetics, and physical size with its Prime-series speakers…I quickly discovered that it was as effective as any approach to Atmos immersion I've heard before… SVS Prime speakers exude nothing but pure competence with style to match. It is an Atmos-compatible speaker system that I am going to miss listening to. Reviews the Prime Tower, Read ReviewThey are more detailed and more "hi-fi" than anything we've heard at this price before.

CNET names the Prime Towers at the top of their best speakers! Read More

Prime Series speakers receive Editor’s Choice award from Digital Trends,  Read Review
"With effortless performance, elegant design, and striking value, SVS’ Prime Series hits the ultimate sweet spot in the audiophile segment."

AVSForums Reviews Prime Bookshelf Speakers, Review by Mark Henninger, Read Review
“SVS Prime Bookshelf speakers are destined to become classics—that's how good they are… I found myself in awe of how transparent these speakers sounded.”

Sound & Vision reviews the Prime Satellite 5.1 System, Review by Dan Kumin
So, putting all the pieces together, what we have here is a kilobuck 5.1 speaker system that reproduces the full audio range with real authority, does so with the kind of tonal balance and musicality you might expect from a bookshelf pair at this price, and (given reasonable power) will play loud enough to satisfy most listeners, even in a good-sized room. That may sound like a pretty basic recipe, but trust me: At this price, it’s a genuine achievement.

AVSForums, Review by Mark Henninger, Read Review
“The SVS Prime Satellites rocked the house. They are some of the best-sounding affordable small speakers I've heard. In fact, I found myself preferring their precision to the sound coming from considerably pricier tower speakers…Simply put, the Prime Satellites performed spectacularly!”

Prime Satellite 5.1 System Nominated for Electronic House 2015 Products of the Year, View Award
“For about the price of a good soundbar, SVS delivers an immersive 5.1 home theater experience from a system that includes five Prime Satellite speakers and a powerful SB-1000 subwoofer.”, Review by J Loh, Read Review
“SVS has come up with a winner here. In a world of rising costs, it is heartening to know that there is still great value available.”

Audioholics, Review by Tarunvir Bains, Read Review
"I highly recommend the SVS Prime speakers for anyone looking to break into the first true threshold of fidelity-driven sound reproduction without breaking the bank. It’s reassuring to know you have well-engineered loudspeakers that are built with quality components, from a company with unparalleled customer support and service."

Sound Stage, Review by Vince Hanada, Read Review
"It’s amazing what can buy. The SVS Prime Tower might make you wonder why you'd ever need to spend more!"

Home Theater Shack, Review, Read Review
“The primary question I had, is this a music or HT system? Turns out, it is both… high value, zero risk…Prime punches well above its weight class. I'll go so far as to say that the Prime Satellite defines its class.”

Geekanoids Video Review of the Prime Home Theater, Watch Review
“You really have to hear these to believe how convincing they really are… I was blown away!”

AVTechReviews, Prime Tower, Read Review
"SVS may have done too good a job with the Primes… These speakers have a presence about them both visually and sonically that stops you in your tracks… For each, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better sounding set of bookshelf speakers."

Reference Home Theater, Review by Chris Heinonen, Read Review
“So impressed… These are speakers? They sound seriously good…both powerful and detailed…Imaging is also terrific.”

Home Theater Shack, Review by Wayne Myers, Read Review.
"…sounded much bigger than their size, and projected quite an engaging soundstage…should be considered by anyone with to spend on a pair of speakers."

Home Theater Forum, Review by Sam Posten, Read Review
"I had to watch it again and again to make sure I wasn't just fooling myself. It really is that good… Solid performance, striking design, exceptional build quality and all at a price point that is remarkable for what you get."

AVTechReviews, Reviews the Prime Speakers, Read Review
"… have a surprisingly big sound… flawless in its performance…get a audiophile grade home theater system at a fraction of the cost."

The Poor Audiophile, Review, Read Review
“Thanks to SVS, gone are the days where you need to have a six figure audio system to be the envy of your friends and neighbors… a real price-performance achievement.”

AVTechReviews, Review the Prime Towers, Read Review
They’re one of the few speakers that do everything well…rare combination of good sound quality and affordability.  Great treble response, smooth mid-range and deep accurate bass makes them a great choice for both movies and music.

The Poor Audiophile, Review, Read Review
“The Prime Center is a three-way design. I was happy to hear that SVS went with this design choice as it addresses the off-axis issues that are common to the two-way design short-cuts manufacturers sometimes take to keep prices down. At this price point, it’s refreshing to see that SVS chose to go with a three-way design.”

HomeTheaterReview “Best of 2019 Awards”, Prime Pinnacle, See Award
“Equally at ease with music as well as movie soundtracks, the SVS Prime Pinnacles are winning over fans and fast, and that includes Greg Handy, who said in this review: "If you are in the market for a new pair of speakers, and you simply do not have the placement flexibility required to get the most out of so many other speakers, I highly suggest taking SVS up on their 45-day, risk-free audition offer. Be warned, however, that I suspect 99 percent of you who do so won't be sending them back."

EnjoytheMusic, Prime Pinnacle,
Read Review
“Offer a sense of refinement and harmonic complexity with amazing scale, rhythm, dynamics and real low end extension. Bass is clear, tight, deep and downright wondrous. The combination puts the Prime Pinnacles in a class by themselves.”

Soundstage, Prime Pinnacle “2019 Reviewer’s Choice Award”, Read Review
“Effortless dynamics…wonderfully articulate in their ability to convey detail while maintaining a full-bodied sound that should envelop listeners in even large rooms. I’m not sure I’ve heard another pair of speakers costing less than that could produce as much clean, clear bass in my room as these did. Until now, I wasn’t sure it was even possible. This speaker is ridiculously good. Its sound indicates a company that knows how to deploy stellar engineering in the execution of sound design principles, while keeping sticker prices low enough that regular folks can aspire to own their products. The SVS Prime Pinnacle is an important reminder that no one needs to spend a small fortune to achieve great sound. Bravo, SVS.” (Czech Republic), Prime Pinnacle, Read Review
“Frequency response is balanced and accurate with solid bass starting with the deepest octaves, but it should be emphasized that the midrange band and pure natural highs are equally represented. Space is rendered three-dimensionally, and the sound image retains precise contours even at higher volumes. Dynamics are excellent, but they do not “over-play”, which is appreciated by fans of classical music and those who are truly discerning.”

Reference Home Theater, Prime Pinnacle, Read Review
“Detailed, full-range sound, a speaker that sounds like it costs far more. The construction is top-notch, and the sound quality is fantastic. Listening to stereo music on these was a complete joy, and they will serve as the basis of a great two-channel or multi-channel system.”

AVOnline (Hungary), Prime Pinnacle, Read Review
“Conjured up a huge soundstage with a realistic panorama of 3D low frequency sound. Even with familiar recordings we felt details that were not coming from the speakers, but rather felt like they were dancing in space in front of us. Produced infinitely natural sound with detail resolution that revealed the humanity in recordings more than any speaker in this price range. Whether, rock, jazz, symphonic or heavy metal, the Prime Pinnacle is always up to speed.”

Sound & Vision, Prime Pinnacle,
Read Review
“Low-end prodigies. Accurate and dynamic sound. Excellent imaging depth of field. With the Prime Pinnacle, SVS not for the first time draws a line in the sand on the Value/ Performance Beach and challenges all comers. I can recommend the company's new speakers, unreservedly.”

HomeTheaterReview, Prime Pinnacle, Read Review
“The SVS Prime Pinnacles astounded me with their tight bottom end, impressive midrange, and holographic imaging capabilities, and more so with their impressive placement flexibility. I never felt the need for a separate subwoofer. Their well-controlled bass and three-dimensional midrange and treble resulted in a sound that was both authoritative and detailed.”

Audioholics, Prime Pinnacle, Read Review
“The SVS speakers proved to be adept with all aspects of the sound, begged for a high playback level. Smooth, articulate sound with terrific imaging. Excellent bass performance. Attractive industrial design and finish. Powerful dynamic range.”

AVS Forum – Top Choice 2019 – Prime Pinnacle, Read Review
“Pristine, detailed with an enveloping soundstage that transcends the boundaries of the room and has palpable three-dimensionality. I got chills and goosebumps. No doubt Prime Pinnacle is one of the top speakers of 2019.”

AREA DVD (Germany) – Prime Pinnacle,
Read Review
“Solid bass, harmonious sound and convincing clarity, with impeccable incorporation of small details. The low frequencies have weight and at the same time are tight and accurate, without overpowering vocals and dialogue. SVS has emerged as a serious contender with these impressive full range speakers!”

SalonAV (Russia) – Prime Pinnacle, Read Review
“Prime Pinnacle are real flagship speakers capable of outstanding playback of music and for energizing a small cinema. Recoil and transient speed are fast, with a sharp attack and, importantly, no noticeable overtones. The tweeter is airy with a luxurious sound and it blends seamlessly with the midrange, which provides a large and precise soundstage.