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Toen ik hoorde dat ik de kans kreeg om de SVS SB3000 te testen, deed ik bijna een vreugdedansje. De SB3000 is de nieuwe sealed subwoofer van SVS die bedoeld is om een gat te vullen tussen de SB2000 en de SB4000, maar SVS heeft alles uit de kast getrokken om een sub te creëren die het in de ring kan opnemen tegen de zwaargewichten uit de high-end hifi-wereld. Het is dan ook geen wonder dat over de hele wereld mensen compleet weglopen met deze nieuwe krachtpatser.

Stereophile, “Editor’s Choice Award”, SB-3000, See Award
“The sub SB-3000 wins because it incorporates the technology of SVS's flagship SB16-Ultra, is user-friendly, produces highly musical, pitch-perfect, floor-shaking bass, and offers wireless connectivity and total smartphone control from my listening room seat.” (Poland), SB-3000,
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“Massive deep bass with pinpoint control. In both multi-channel and stereo music, the SB-3000 showed that, in addition to the inexhaustible energy and range to the lowest parts in the bass, it is excellent at showing the variety of timbre colors, which should be especially appreciated by music lovers who intend to weigh the sound of their stereo system in the lowest components bandwidth.”

HomeTheaterReview “Best of 2019 Awards”, SB-3000,
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“For those looking for a right-priced yet highly powerful sealed box subwoofer, the SVS SB-3000 is a perfect choice for so many music and home theater enthusiasts. Greg Handy wrote: "If you're looking for state-of-the-art, high performing subwoofer, with small proportions and the qualities of a sealed enclosure, the SVS SB-3000 is worth every penny and more in my opinion."

Positive Feedback “2019 Writer’s Choice Awards”, SB-3000,
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“These subs allowed me to discover low frequency information that let me appreciate most compositions in a different way. Because the foundation became more accurate, pronounced, and coherent, the music just made more sense. The SVS subs enhanced my system in terms of soundstage, dynamics, and they didn't get in the way. On the contrary, once properly set up they enabled the system to play cleaner and seemed to take some of the burden off the main amplifier/speaker chain. Maybe using two of the 3000s is overkill, but the benefits are huge. They gave me a wall-to-wall, floor-to ceiling presentation that I loved.”

Stereo & Video (Czech Republic), SB-3000, Print Only
“There is no doubt about the sound quality of the SB-3000 subwoofer when used in home theater. The SB-3000 offers accurate bass to the fullest depth of the infrasonic frequencies, which will be appreciated not only by fans of organ music but also electronic music. Dynamics are excellent no matter what the content.”

Stereoplay (Germany), SB-3000, Print Only
“SVS knows how to push subwoofers to get you the most for the price. With the SB-3000, the Americans are taking it to the extreme. In doing so, they put the red pencil on the equipment in order to get as close as possible to the performance of the SB-4000. It can be seamlessly adapted to different loudspeakers thanks to its minimal ripple and wide bandwidth. Both the level and the timing of the sound image quickly formed an inseparable unit. The Class D amplifier is 800 watts RMS, one the strongest at this price and more. The exclusive 13-inch driver is also a force, which is why the deep, crisp and clean performance simply impressed in every way. This subwoofer is a big hit!”

Heimkino (Germany), SB-3000 & PB-3000, Print Only
Both the SB-3000 and PB-3000 deliver impressive results in the metrology lab. Both models reach a lower cutoff frequency of around 18 hertz and offer enormous level reserves. Up to 110 dB (1 m) undistorted level is no problem for the SB-3000, the reflex woofer PB-3000 even achieves around 3 to 4 dB more. In the listening room, both the SB-3000 and the PB-3000 shine brilliantly and precisely. Playing style, whereby particularly the smaller SB-3000 shone with perfect impulse reproduction, delivering crisp bass drumbeats with music material to the point. The PB-3000 set with a bit more pressure in the stomach and a more casual way also accents. With the two new subwoofer models SB-3000 and PB-3000 brings SVS absolute reference technology and powerful, dynamic and extremely deep bass to any listening room.”

Stereophile, SB-3000, Read Review
“The SB-3000's pitch-perfect room-pressurizing bass, small size, low weight, rugged construction, and reliable smartphone app make it an outstanding choice. I was unprepared for the fun I had reviewing this subwoofer. Coupled with both the ESL-989s and LS50s, twin SB-3000s delivered solid bass down to 16Hz in my small listening room—I still don't quite believe it—without bloat or overload. New lows in reference subwoofer performance, indeed!”

Expert Sound & Imaging Association (EISA), Best Home Theater Subwoofer – SB-3000
“For its SB-3000 subwoofer, SVS takes the performance-first ethos of its higher-end models and brings it to a new, lower price point. Featuring a freshly designed 13.5in driver in a compact, sealed cabinet, allied to an 800W Sledge DSP amplifier, this dedicated bass-maker excels when it comes to depth, speed, control and slam. Movie soundtracks hit hard, while music playback benefits from nuanced, tight bass. It’s a tweaker’s delight too, with SVS’s Bluetooth control app offering parametric EQ to match its performance to your listening room, in addition to quick adjustments of level, and sound preset selection. For those seeking a sub offering both power and precision, the SB-3000 is difficult to resist.”

SalonAV (Russia), SB-3000, Read Review
“Bass from the SB-3000 comes across with a natural attack and without extraneous overtones. With action movies, it demonstrated the rate of fire in the literal sense of the word - the rumble of tank guns, howitzers volleys, machine-gun and machine-gun fire, numerous explosions ... I could not even believe that such a compact bass machine could hit so hard on the ears. Everything sounded apart in completely different tones, although in almost the same frequency range, with a minimum of conventions. After some time, you forget that there is a subwoofer in the system, so organically it fits into the soundstage. When there are no inharmoniously prominent elements in the sound picture, the emotional impact is extremely strong. And this, in my opinion, is the main difference between the SB-3000 and other models on the market.”

SoundstageAccess, PB-3000 “Reviewers’ Choice Award”, Read Review
“The PB-3000 proved so capable of massive output with very-low-frequency effects from this blockbuster that it could move my room with apparent ease. Once you hear a sonic blast out of this sub, you’ll understand that when its amp sends 2500W of peak power to its woofer cone, all of that juice is transformed into clean, room-shaking, low-frequency soundwaves. It reaches musical and cinematic depths with ease and grace, and its app provides a multitude of options for shaping the sound to suit both it and your listening space. The PB-3000 is the first subwoofer that I can describe as being fun to use. It’s a snap to install, delivers the goods with rumbling authority, and can be modified to suit your needs and tastes in real time, from the comfort and convenience of your listening and/or viewing chair. The future of subwoofing is here, and it’s the SVS PB-3000.”

PositiveFeedback, Dual SB-3000 Subwoofers, Read Review
“Changed my expectation of what can be accomplished in a subwoofer and was the perfect complement to my system. Once you hear the expanded soundstage, and all the weight, punch, and rich textures missing from the music, you'll never want to go back. The SB-3000 is diminutive in size, with the heart of a lion. An ideal solution for reference bass in audiophile music system. Highly recommended.”

ResTechToday, SB-3000, Read Review
“The SB-3000 made me feel like the first time I saw true HD content after watching 4:3 my whole life. Just as Tidal music streaming is a rejection of compressed audio, SVS brings the rejection of “good enough” to the family room for an incredibly reasonable price. I can’t believe it produces the amount of low end it does in a 15-inch square cabinet. Long live SVS and their amazing subwoofers!”

Soundstage, SB-3000 “Reviewer’s Choice Award”, Read Review
“Liver-massaging ultra-low bass. I felt I was simultaneously reaping the rewards of large and small woofer cones: slam and pressure, and nimble speed. Dug deep, letting me really feel the lowest notes in my chair with impressive punch and authority. This combination of intense punch with the feel of low-frequency extension had me turning it up loud -- and it was an exhilarating experience. The bass I heard bordered on the difficult to believe -- very fast, very tight, very deep, with more than enough output to fill my 15’L x 12’W x 8’H room with sound-pressure levels that would satisfy the most demanding bass heads.”

HomeTheaterReview, SB-3000, Read Review
“A seriously sophisticated audio device, one that can render subtle differences in bass inflection, but with the capacity to slam hard. The power of the sub comes on fast, in a violent way. I could feel the output through my chair, but it wasn't overbearing or exaggerated. Intense, with purpose and authority, is the way I would describe it. Blended beautifully with the front two channels while imparting solid bass reinforcement throughout the room.  A remarkable performer. If you're looking for state-of-the-art, high performing subwoofer, with small proportions; the SVS SB-3000 has no competition.” (China), SB-3000, Read Review
“Profound "prodigy" with deep internal strength. Very useful customizable features to personalize according to your requirements. For sound, it can become an agile high-attack ‘Assassin’ and also transform to a ‘barbarian’ with complete depth and strength. Gives me the feeling of pursuing exquisite, simple, and technological sense.”

Stereonet (Australia) “Applause Award”, SB-3000, Read Review
“Clean and effortless sound. Performance was not only tuneful but tactile, with instruments not only heard but felt. If you're looking for couch-rumbling bass, that is still fast and tuneful, I strongly encourage you to look at an SB-3000 (or two). I wouldn't be surprised if your auditioning of subwoofers starts and ends with the SB-3000.”

AVForums “Editor’s Choice Award”, SB-3000, Read Review
“It’s remarkable how deep and powerful the SB-3000 is considering its relatively small cabinet. However, it never loses its sense of timing and precision, delivering pin-point accuracy and plenty of speed. It retains a refinement and musicality that is genuinely excellent but still delivers seismic levels of low frequency energy.”

HomeCinemaChoice – SB-3000, Print Only
“Chest-thumping output and percussive bass extension, while retaining refinement and musicality – and done so from a small footprint and at a relatively affordable price. If you like deep and thunderous low-end combined with nimbleness and tonal accuracy, the SB-3000 is sure to please.”

Sound & Vision, SB-3000 “Top Product of the Year Award”, Read Review
“Performance was characterized by extreme low-frequency extension, massive output, and precision in transients. At one point I had to check my wiring to make sure I had disconnected my other four subwoofers—it was that impressive! Even at reference levels, the SB-3000 didn't break a sweat—each bass note hit with power, precision, and speed. I was completely blown away by my experience. It has no equal at its price.”

AVS Forum, PB-3000 “Recommended” Award,
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“So potent it almost startled me. The PB-3000 cannot only handle volume, it seems to relish the challenge. In effect, it performs better the more you crank it. This thing seems to enjoy being pushed. I never sensed the PB-3000 struggling. I beat the living you-know-what out of this thing and it never flinched. No matter the volume, no matter how punishing the source material, it shrugged off everything. Composed and powerful is a nice combination.”

MissingRemote, SB-3000, Read Review
“Provides a WHOA” experience because of the physicality of the bass. I was not able to find a level which “broke” the bass or left the SB-3000 breathless. I am sure it exists, in theory, just not confident it would be safe to be in the same room at the time. Frankly, it just delivers. Music, movies, television, gaming; across all of the content tested, it always added that perfect thump to the room. Whether subtle, or the more across-the-chest variety, the SVS SB-3000 is simply brilliant.”

VIDEO Magazine, PB-3000, Print Only
“The new SVS PB-3000 is the champion in the range under 2000 Euro. Its lightning-fast response to impulses predestined the PB-3000 not only for the intended use in surround systems. With this dry punch, it is also recommended for music fans for lust on an extra level. Unmatched material costs performance and comfort for the money. A real zinger in every way.”

Mixdown Magazine (Australia), PB-3000, Read Review
“SVS has produced a subwoofer worthy of studios of any level, or home listening experiences looking to be bought to the next level. Intuitive design, handy and practical controls make for a product that can be specifically dialed in for any room and any set-up. Low end response is clear at any volume and you can still feel the rumble of film sound as you watch at an acceptable level at home. All this and a myriad of connection options ensure it can be incorporated and connected to any set-up, which really makes the SVS PB-3000 a no brainer.”

ReferenceHomeTheater, PB-3000, Read Review
“Packs plenty of impact and depth, fills the room with thunderous bass. Fantastic performing subwoofer that does a wonderful job with movies and music. It fills out the lower octaves in music without drawing extra attention to itself, and you can feel it in your chest as it rattles the walls when watching movies. The PB-3000 gets an easy recommendation and might even stick around in my system permanently.”

VIDEO Magazine (Germany), SB-3000, Print Only
“SVS has indeed managed to put the virtues of its flagships into a very compact and affordable subwoofer. Exemplary precision and transient response, it has what it takes to make even audiophiles salivate over a subwoofer. Those who mainly listen to music and watch concert videos will especially love the SB-3000.”

HomeTheaterForum, SB-3000, Read Review
“Maintained composure even when pushed for extended periods. Capable of playing far louder than I was comfortable listening. Literally shook rafters in rooms which are not designed for punishing sound playback. Recommended and well worth the asking price!”